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The waste collector got shocked

You will get shocked to hear that once a whole caravan is twice the size of a skip found in a skip bin which become “Waste Worth Thousands”. Someone thought it a clever idea to get rid of that large caravan. For this purpose, a customer ordered a skip bin from a reputed skip hire company and did not specify the disposal of a caravan. When waste collectors came to pick the bin, they were amazed to see a whole 12 yard caravan in the skip.
The driver refused to take away the caravan, but the customer provided him with the list of prohibited items in which the caravan was not mentioned. It was decided that the customer would break the caravan into pieces that would fit in the bin and then be taken away by the company.

According to the driver, “I was unable to stop my laughter when I saw caravan in the skip. First I thought that my company played a joke with me”.
Skip Hire Company took the caravan, but being a company that offers Cheap Skip Hire Coventry services, we will suggest to customers that if there is any strange waste, please clearly mention it at the time of book. In this way, Skip Hire Company can guide you more appropriately.

Rapide Motorcycle Vincent HRD Series-A 1939

Yes, it is 100% true that another exciting and costly thing found in the skip bin was a Rapide Motorcycle Vincent HRD Series-A 1939. Fortunately, it returned to the owner, as a motorcycle could not be skipped. According to Skip Hire’s rules and regulations, it contains many things such as wheels and fuel that you cannot skip. On the other hand, it was so costly that it was a waste of money to dispose of such expensive things in a skip. After that, it was auctioned.
We suggest that you follow all laws of skip hire and only put those things in skip bins. If you have a different type of rubbish, dispose of it appropriately.

Money was a waste for someone

In many cases, people found money from old clothes or used bags, but it is unbelievable that someone threw away cash in garbage bags.
In 2018, a skip hire employee found £7000 in the trash bag, but it is not yet confirmed who threw this heavy amount in the skip bin. Skip hiring worker tried to find the owner of the money but failed, so he handover all cash to the police. “Money was not in good condition as many notes were wet, mouth eaten and cut”.

In 2017, a black handbag in the skip bin contained a gold necklace worth the US $280. The skip hire company contacted the customer to confirm the ownership of the necklace. The customer was shocked to know that his seven-year-old daughter threw away her mother’s handbag in the trash bin. After taking some evidence, the company returned it to the customer.

 In 2015, a waste disposal worker found a high-heeled shoe full of €50 notes worth €1500. The worker tried to find the owner for seven days. Luckily, after his honest struggle, he found the amount’s owner. The customer’s daughter was the owner of the amount suffering from a disease.

We suggest that you keep a proper check and balance on your bin bags, especially if you little naughty kids at your home.

Skip hire recovered the essential data of a reputed organization

In 2021, a reputed organization in Coventry hired a skip bin from Coventry Skip Hire UK to renovate their main office. Coventry Skip Hire UK found a one Tb computer hard disk from the container at the disposal of the waste. The disposal worker thought it could be an essential hard disk, so the skip hire company visited the customer for confirmation. They came to know that it was a virtual hard disk, which came back from the repairing lab. The hard disk contained all the backup data of the organization.

The hard disk was returned to the customer with a thanksgiving.

Weapons and tools

Once a skip found broken weapons that any company cannot accept at any cost because weapons and tools are strictly prohibited to put in skip hire.

Arts and Crafts

One of the UK’s most perceived milestones, the Tower Bridge in London is an exceptionally famous vacation destination to photos. Old photos of Tower Bridge were found in a nearby skip organization’s skip. Altogether, there were 50 old photos found in the skip, all of the Tower. These were exciting and memorable photographs that did not have a place in a skip, so all pictures were sent to the Tower Bridge museum.

A skip bin found five priceless paintings stolen from Paris’ Musée d’Art Moderne. It came to know that the thief put these paintings in skip to remove the evidence of thievery due to the fear of getting caught. Unfortunately, the paintings were not in good condition.
An old painting of a famous artist Robert Wakeham Pilot was found in a skip bin. It was then highlighted on the BBC program Flog It, where it invigorated the specialists and brought to auction at £1900.

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